Dawn Session 1
You wake up...

After spending some time on the run, Cat Surtova, Lizzy Surtova, Utgard Rogarvia, Diana Garess, and Tenser found themselves in the city of Grayhaven. Awaiting each of them in the morning was a cryptic note telling them to meet someone at the Gillby Inn at midnight. The note was from Islund Garess, the brother of Duke Richol Garess, former spymaster of House Garess. Islund asked for their help in locating other nobles, and offered information about one being held not far from town.

Braving the dozens of Striders, Minotaurs, and Trolls, the party snuck into the enemy camp, freed the prisoner, and despite bringing down hell on themselves, managed to get away with their heads attached. The woman they freed turned out to be Margot Surtova, Lizzy Surtova’s sister. Margot has been setting up supply lines ad smuggling contraband between camps and settlements, and had gotten conned into being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She decided to set out for New Stetven to help create a supply line that hopefully could flow into the main rebel camp.

After separating from Margot, the party decided to continue on to Highdelve, to see what they can find out about the noble who may still be in their prison.


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