Diana Garess

Innocently deceptive, musical prodigy, martial artist, devoted to Shelyn.


Diana Garess was born of a human father from House Garess, who fell in love with her elven mother. He was a tough man, a prominent figure in the House, and a good bit detached from her life. She was never truly accepted into the House, although she was not distrusted or hated, and her father was even allowed to give her his name and train her in the art of combat. She was often just overlooked or ignored by the higher ups in the family, and only made good friends with a couple of cousins her age. Her mother was a particularly sweet and beautiful elf, fond of travel and music, who worshiped the goddesses Desna and Shelyn. She would travel often without Diana, and come back with many tales. She was the one who encouraged Diana to seek perfection in art in conjunction with combat, as a way to stand out in a family of warriors. She gave Diana her first guitar. When House Garess fell, her mother was not at home, possibly traveling. Diana was in the home she shared with her mother, away from the main house. She was loved by her servants, and when Rogvald’s forces came, they held back the waves of soldiers and helped Diana escape.

She hopes to rebuild the House Garess, and to find her place within it as a prominent warrior in her own right. She wants to find her mother as well, but she doesn’t know the first place to look for her, or whether she even survived.

Diana Garess

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