Tag: Port Ice


  • King Surtova

    King Noleski Surtova reigned over the nation of [[Brevoy]] from 4699 AR to 4714 AR, when [[Rogvald]] laid waste to the noble houses. Prior to Noleski taking the throne, the entirety of the ruling [[House Rogarvia]] mysteriously vanished, allowing House …

  • Domani Surtova

    Domani was [[King Surtova]]'s uncle, and prior to his death at the hands of [[Rogvald]]'s forces, served as Lord of the White Manor, a title given to the ruler of [[Port Ice]].

  • Captain Vali Dobos

    Captain Vali Dobos is one of the most active pirates on the [[Lake of Mists and Veils]]. He is rumored to have a close connection with [[House Surtova]] of Brevoy, although he keeps his lineage hidden.

  • Lake of Mists and Veils

    The Lake of Mists and Veils is a large body of freshwater in northeastern [[Avistan]], bordered by the nations of [[Brevoy]], [[Mendev]], [[Numeria]], and [[Iobaria]]. In Brevoy, people simply call it "the Lake." The lake is the source of the mighty …