Lake of Mists and Veils

The Lake of Mists and Veils is a large body of freshwater in northeastern Avistan, bordered by the nations of Brevoy, Mendev, Numeria, and Iobaria. In Brevoy, people simply call it “the Lake.” The lake is the source of the mighty Sellen River, and much of the trade and transportation in the region travels along the river, the lake, or both. The lake’s name originates from how, at the onset of winter, the warm water “steams” as the chill of night sets in, and then the water burns off in the morning.


Because of its enormous size, the Lake of Mists and Veils heavily influences much of the weather of the nation to its south: Brevoy. In Winter, freezing rains come down from the north across the lake, driving through the plains of Issia all the way south to Rostland.


Dark whispers in Brevoy speak of powerful inhabitants who live beneath the lake’s waters—the true masters of the land of Issia—who emerge from the depths at night to make dreadful bargains with local villagers. What validity these claims hold, however, remains ambiguous.


The pirate lords of Issia, while in the midst of a massive battle on the lake, were caught up in a massive storm, and wrecked on the Mendev coast. Today the site of the wreckage is known as the Jutland Wrecks.
According to the beliefs of Aalgin, druid and king of Okormirr in Iobaria, the lake is the sweat of the giant god Perbov, the “Father of the North.”

Lake of Mists and Veils

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