seven noble families

Before Choral the Conqueror united Issia and Rostland into the nation known as Brevoy, seven noble families waged war for centuries. These families have settled into an uneasy peace under recent rulers, but the decades of unprecedented peace may have weakened them. When Rogvald struck, the seven noble families weren’t prepared for the strength of his armies, and the nobles were decimated, with the vast majority of their ranked members left dead in the street.

Below are the house mottos:

House Garess “Strong as the Mountains”

House Lebeda “Success Through Grace”

House Lodovka “The Waters, Our Fields”

House Medvyed “Endurance Overcomes All”

House Orlovsky “High Above”

House Rogarvia "With Sword and Flameā€

House Surtova “Ours Is the Right”

seven noble families

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