Lizzy Surtova

Qinggong Monk, survivor of the invasion, devoted of Calistria, vengeful bitch.


Elizabeth Von Frederick-Montebon-Radovic-Debussy-Bennett Surtova IV (or Lizzy to those who know her) has never felt comfortable comporting herself as a lady should. Preferring meditation to polite conversation and physical training to dance lessons, she was nearly incapable of making nice with any of the suitors her mother put in front of her. How could she be expected to marry her cousin, no matter how close he was to the throne (“27th in line!” as her Mother was fond of screaming). No she was going to continue as she had before, fighting and let’s just say frolicking in the city’s Temples of Calistria.

Having had enough of her daughter’s willfulness, Lizzy’s mother hectored her husband to intervene. The poor man was instructed to inform his daughter that she was going to stop her silly martial training and settle down into a match that would benefit House Surtova, and solidify their alliances with the other noble houses of Brevoy. He walked into Lizzy’s bedroom, and after two minutes emerged professing victory – Lizzy would go to Ustalav to fight the undead. Not exactly what her mother wanted, but … maybe it was for the best. At least they would have time to focus on Lizzy’s older sister Margot Surtova.

Lizzy missed her sister greatly while in Ustalav. Though she loved the tactile thrill of breaking the skeletons beneath her fists, she was happy to hear of Margot’s impending marriage. Lizzy was just returning to Brevoy to attend her sister’s wedding when the armies struck. And her world collapsed.

Lizzy has no concern for justice. She feels only rage and this clarifies things for her. She will be patient. She will be vicious. For as long as she survives, House Surtova stands.

Lizzy Surtova

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