Tag: Villain


  • Rogvald

    In 4714, on the 12th of Gozran, a man named Rogvald led an immense army into [[Brevoy]]. He used dragons to wear down defending forces and destroy supplies, giants to lay siege to castles, and huge battalions of men and goblins to sweep across Brevoy, …

  • Chieftain Skullfist

    Chieftain of the [[Kraugr Orc Tribe]], located near [[Brunderton]] in the hills south of the Valley of Fire in Southeastern [[Brevoy]]. Skulllfist is known for his skills as a fighter, and the ornate greataxe he carries but never cleans. [[Rogvald]] has …

  • Chieftain Zazrog

    A powerful orcish warrior and chieftain of the [[Blackfist Orc Tribe]]. He was given control of the city of [[Eagle's Watch]] by [[Rogvald]] in hopes the orcs will ally with him.

  • Striders

    These are [[Rogvald]]'s trackers. They specialize in hunting down the remaining members of the fallen [[seven noble families]]. They are as quiet as they are deadly.

  • Mathias

    One of [[Rogvald]]'s human generals, known for his fiery blades and skill in warfare. He currently controls [[Silverhall]].

  • Teras Masser

    A mage [[The Circle]], specifically of the [[Lower Circle]] who specializes in creating undead and constructs to bolster [[Rogvald]]'s forces.

  • The Circle

    [[Rogvald]]'s army of sorcerers. It is divided into the [[Lower Circle]], mages of moderate power and skill, and the [[Upper Circle]], godlike sorcerers who command fearsome magics.